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Welcome to Dyson Medic. Dyson Medic is probably the oldest independent Dyson DIY repair guide on the internet. We have been online since 2005. Our aim is to help people repair and service their own Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Most of the guides will have photographs to help.

This has been an ongoing project. We offer advice on diagnosing common faults that can be inherent to the Dyson vacuum cleaner range.

Please choose your model at the top. If your model is newer than the DC07 (denoted by a higher number, for example: DC14, DC15, DC24, DC25, etc.), please visit the blog or the Dyson advice forums linked in the top bar - which are updated more frequently - and cover all the newer models.

Dyson Medic features a comprehensive repository of Dyson information. Dyson Medic is also a convenient gateway to a variety of other Dyson-related websites and resources. If it's about Dyson - you'll find it here. If you are looking for Dyson user manuals, you can find some linked in the left sidebar. The rest, for newer models, washing machines and the rest of the Dyson range can be found here: Free Dyson Operating Instructions

If you can link to this website from a relevant source I would greatly appreciate it - and thank you to everyone who has done so thus far.

Repairing and Servicing Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Caution: All work to electrical appliances should only be carried out by competent, qualified people in accordance with their local laws. Faulty electrical appliances can cause serious personal injury and death. Always take the relevant precautions, and if in doubt, consult an experienced engineer. The opinions expressed on Dyson Medic are our own, and any examples on Dyson Medic are for illustrative purposes only.

Updates: January 2014

We have completed the move of Dyson Medic over to a bigger, faster dedicated server. Our techs have been busy tweaking the site a little (not to mention cleaning up some grammatical howlers and layout issues too) to make it even better than before. You can now access the Dyson Medic Blog directly from the top navigation bar.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy Dyson Medic!




Added so far:

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DC02 Cable Rewind Repair

DC04 Cable Change

DC04 Not Standing Upright Quick Fix

DC04 Filter Service

DC04 Belt Replacement

DC04 Motor Replacement

DC04 Onboard Tools, Wand and Back Hose Tutorial

DC05 Motor Replacement

DC07 Motor Replacement

DC07 Brushroll & Belt Swap

DC07 Filter Service

Dyson DC07 Service & Repair Book in Paperback